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Joker Skull Helmet Joker Helmet Back

Flame Flag Helmet Rt Flame Flag Helmet Flame Flag Helmet Left

Tiger Jet Ski Tiger Jet Ski Sides

Eagle Helmet Eagle Helmet Wolf Gas Tank

Guitar Helmet Front Guitar Helmet Left Guitar Helmet Right Guitar Helmet Back

Click below to see the Harley Davidson Wolf Bike!!

Click below to see the Harley Davidson Dragon Bike!!

Click below to see the Kiss Helicopter!!

89 Trans-AM Pace Car Trans-Am Hood Shield

Evil Dead Jester Helmet Skull and Crossbones Helmet

Zombie Helmet back of the Zombie Helmet

 Taz Helmet Calvin As Spaceman Spiff Helmet A Modern Art Helmet

A Robotic Helmet aka Gearhead
Robotic Helmet

Cemetery Tank For The Harley Skull Bike
Harley Skull Bike Cemetery Tank For Harley Skull Bike Close Up Skull Bike (No Clearcoat)

Side Covers For The Jack-O-Lantern Bike
Jack-o-lantern Side Covers Jack-o-lantern Side Covers

See The Wolf Cycle Wolf Cycle - 2 Wolf Cycle - 3

Harley Sneakers

I do all of my custom vehicle airbrushing at
T & J Auto Body

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